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Re: Stamping Calculations

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>And don't forget that the surgeon is not alone in the operating room.  There 
>may be other doctors, at least an anesthesiologist, and there certainly are 
>nurses, who can see if mistakes are being made.
>A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
>Tucson, Arizona

No disagreement with the overall point contrasting structures with surgical
patients, but the example excerpted above would not be persuasive support
for it in Sacramento. 

It seems there was an anesthesiologist named Miofsky in a prominent hospital
here in the 1970's who, in the operating room during surgeries, took
advantage of unconscious female patients while standing by the head of the
operating table. The act was along the lines of what a certain party now
claims does not meet the definition of sex for purposes of a certain lawsuit
deposition. On numerous occasions, nurses actually saw what was going on.
For many months they remained silent, during surgery and afterward, except
among themselves. Evidence was found on the linen. Finally the story got out
in the news and, despite hospital administrators' attempts at trivializing
it, could not be quashed. "Dr.Miofsky" jokes soon abounded. The doctor
ultimately lost his license and drew a jail sentence. The hospital had to
pay off many of his patients in settlement of their lawsuits. 

Charles O. Greenlaw, SE    Sacramento CA