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RE: Cantilevers through a solid beam

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The maximum moment and defllection may be at middle of the 16" Parallam
beam. So I will assume that a notch at some point away from the middle of
the beam should be ok.  

my 2 cents


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> Sent:	Tuesday, February 02, 1999 8:40 AM
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> Subject:	Cantilevers through a solid beam
> I have a design problem where I need to build out the face of a patio from
> the supporting beams by 16" - and add a parapet above this. The problem is
> that the total depth of the beam and roof framing is limited to 16 inches
> - which happens to be the size of the Parallam required for a 24'-0" span.
> The back-span of the rafters is less than 15 feet and the cantilever is
> suppose to be, as I mentioned, 16 inches.
> An idea came to me that I wanted to run by this group. 
> I need to extend at least a 2x4" member over the beam - which is not
> possible because of the restricted depth. Since this is the compression
> side of the beam, I thought that I might be able to notch out the 2x4 in
> the top side of the Parallam (3.5" depth) and extend the 2x4's through the
> beam. When loaded, the beam will be in compression and the bottom of the
> rafter is above the neutral axis so that it remains in compression.
> I can strap this to compensate for a possible uplift by wind or seismic
> that might place the upper side of the beam in tension.
> Any thoughts on this? 
> Any better suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Dennis Wish PE