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Re: Dinner Meeting Attendence

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1) How about "Project Documents".  First address general
guidelines/recommendations for putting together a set of plans, calculations,
and specs (how many elevation views, where may specialized details go, to
restate notes/sizes vs not to restate, sect. of calc. package).  Then, proceed
to address two or three specific structural systems (ie. RC Shearwall Building,
Masonry Building, three-four story steel MRF building) and note key items of
the doc package for each (How much steel to show, diff. ways to designate type
of specialized moment connections, should you show spec number on plan, etc.).
Maybe this is too much and a candidate for a Practical Design and Detail
Seminar Series.

2) How about asking Prof. John Wallace, UCLA, to give a presentation on "ACI
318-99, Design Provisions for Reinforced Concrete Walls".  I understand he did
this exact presentation recently for PEER/NSF.  He is a SEAOC member.  Also, I
believe the revisions in the ACI are partly based on his work.

3) General guidelines on preliminary size selection of beam/ columns for
small-to-midheight buildings for novices/ beginners like myself.  

4) Overview of Latest FEMA 310 Revisions, maybe by John Kariotis.  I believe he
is on the ASCE committee evaluating the document.

5) ????????

Oh well, perhaps too general/large of topics but, if anything, it could lead to
having others give more suggestions.

ed gonzalez

This might be too much for a dinner meeting; perhaps a 
>>> Shafat Qazi <seaint-ad(--nospam--at)> 02/02/99 10:27AM >>>
Although I am interested to know what challanges the engineer faced
designing it, I agree with you that more practical topics would attract
more members.

Can you or someone else suggest some topics, and maybe speakers?


At 2/2/99 06:28 AM, you wrote:
>A good topic will be a good start. Like real analysis and design issues that
>most engineers face on an every day basis, and not a "another Eiffel Tower"
>presentation. How many engineers will be designing third and fourth Eiffel
>Oshin Tosounian, S.E.