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Re: shotcrete and miradrain

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Greg Leyh wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am planning to use shotcrete for the basement walls of my house
> (cut into a 2:1 hillside), with a backing such as miradrain to
> relieve the hydrostatic pressure.  The soil consists mostly of
> highly fractured, weathered sandstone, under a 3-4' layer of
> silty clay.  The soil is quite competent, but when excavated
> provides a rather irregular surface upon which to apply the miradrain.
> Might anyone have a suggestion for a drainage solution, that would
> still allow the shotcrete to fill in, and form a fairly intimate
> contact with the nooks and crannies of the excavated stone face?
> Best Regards,
> Greg Leyh

You might not like the map cracking associated with shotcrete. This is
due to drying shrinkage and can be controlled only to some extent by the
addition of a steel fibers and even a wire mesh in addition. You can
specify a trowel finish of the concrete surface but the wall will never
be as smooth as a formed surface. This may or may not be a problem
depending on how you will finish the interior of the basement.

Bruno Côté