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RE: Runway beam

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The detail I seen used for many years by firms doing industrial design
typically runs a 2" expansion joint through the rail by cutting it at about
a 15 degree skew angle (over about 20 inches of runway length) and adding
filler plates along the web to reinforce the rail.

Ed Marshall, PE

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> Subject:	Runway beam
> What details are suitable for overhead crawl beam expansion joints.
> Usually gaps at joints should be kept as small as possible (2 mm or say
> 1/8 ins) to enable the trolley wheel to pass smoothly over the joint.
> Sometimes it is necessary to use a long crawl and introduce expansion
> joints. Possible cutting the bottom flange at 45 degrees and reinforcing
> the bottom flange. How big can this gap be (3/8 ins) ? Is there some way
> of making the gap as large as 1 ins ?
> Thanks..