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Re: Conc. Col. Retrofit using Carbon Fiber/Tevlar Wrap & Caltrans

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Thanks to everyone for the feedback both here & to my office email.

Two people I spoke with had glass fiber wrap products that have been
approved by Caltrans, if that certification is required for your particular
application.  It appears that the Carbon fiber wrap may be 2 to 3 times the
cost of the glass fiber wrap, and the steel cans seem to be for round
columns (square columns in my case).  Carbon wrap is said to be
particularly appropriate where moisture/water is an issue (underground pipe
systems for example).
More Thanks,

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Subject: Re: Concrete Column Retrofit using Carbon Fiber/Tevlar Wrap
Date: Friday, February 05, 1999 6:11 PM

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> If it's so well researched, how come I never see Caltrans using it?

CALTRANS has used it.  Check some of the freeway seismic retrofits in the
Bay Area.

Ron Fong
Fremont,  CA