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Re: Structural Steel and Reinforced Concrete Connections

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I have seen a number of people un-necessarily worry about the torsional
moments in concrete girders.  Note that ACI 318 has some provisions that
allow you to redistribute these moments.

If the torsional moments are from the steel beam you might produce a safer
structure by providing a   fixed connection between the steel beam and the
concrete girder.  With a pinned connection connected to the face of the
girder you will have a torsion equal to the beam reaction times the
distance from the center of the girder to the face of  the girder that must
be resisted solely by the girder.  On the other hand if you have a fixed
connection between the beam and the girder, the initial torsion may be
higher but  the bending stiffness of the beam will limit how much torsional
rotation you will see.  I believe that this is refered to as self limiting

Mark Gilligan