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Re: Butane tank

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>Research is being done to determine the type of steel it is although the tank
>is approximately 25 years old.
The Code plate will have the manufacturer (and the National Board 
registration if you get lucky.). Your luck tracking down manufacturers 
may vary, but that's the place to locate the ASME spec.

>I have found a method in a text book for determining the stresses in the tank
>shell based on two supports.
If the work you've tracked down is the so-called Zick analysis, it's the 
one referenced in the ASME Code as appropriate. The analysis isn't a 
cookbook, and may seem a little obscure if you don't work with shells 
much. Make sure you know what's being done.

BTW, if the tank doesn't have a code plate, run away. I had an 
interesting experience once with a used tank that had been cut into and 
patched. And at some point the code plate had been removed, which is 
typically done only when a tank is scrapped. When the tank ruptured (at 
the patch) it split from end to end and kicked itself about 200 feet. 
Very interesting few hours. There were a lot of loose ends with this 
tank. It had apparently been made in a code shop but there was no 
indication how anyone actually knew what the design pressure was. The 
patch only made sure that any problems would result in a sudden rupture.

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