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Re: Fema 310

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Mr. Tarlow,

What edition of FEMA 310 do you have????  I  have January 1998 and I do not
have such a Table # or Equation #.  From the FEMA 310 that I have, for Soil
Profile E, Fa = 1.24 for Ss=0.73 with interpolation btw 1.7 for 0.5 and 1.2 for
0.75.  Sds = 2/3*Fa*Ss = 0.67*1.24*0.73=0.61.  Also, one must ensure that in
the western states, particularly california, the correct map is used (max.
considered eq) since there, values are capped.

ed gonzalez

>>> Kenneth Tarlow <ktarlow(--nospam--at)> 02/08/99 01:20PM >>>

Does anyone know how to use table on page 37.Ss is the short
period acceleration from the curv (.2 sec).  when i get my information
from the maps i get
2% 50 years
pga          83.93%
.2 sec sa   188.3
.3 sec sa   183.2
1. sec sa   73.6

For site class E, I should get 2.5.{from past experience I would guess

Ss is defined as the maximum spectral acceleration at short periods. 
how do I use this table to get my answer. I want to solve equation

Thank you

Ken Tarlow
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