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Concrete specifications

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I am an Associate Member of ACI Committee 301 and there is some discussion
how ACI codes and standard specifications are intended to be used in the 
committee.  So I would like some input from other practicing engineers on
they use ACI documents to specify concrete: 
1. Do you specify concrete by reference to ACI 301 or do you have your own 
concrete specification independent of ACI 301?   
2. If you reference ACI 301 from your project specifications: 
a) Do you reference ACI 301 in full or only portions of it? 
b) Do you also reference other standard ACI specifications (such as 306.1
Cold Weather Concreting, etc)? or Standard Practices (such as ACI 308 or 
Curing Concrete)? or ACI "Guides" (such as 305R for Hot Weather Concreting
350R for Environmental Engineering Concrete Structures)?   
c) Do you reference the ACI 318 Building Code from your project
3. Have you encountered any problems with inconsistencies between ACI 301
another ACI code or standard specification?