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Re: Concrete specifications

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The dialogue might be more productive if somebody would publish an example
of ACI 301 being used on a project in the manner proposed by the Committee.
 I do not believe that I have seen ACI 301 used in a project specification
in the manner proposed by the Committee and as a result I have trouble
understanding how this approach can be made to work while still satisfying
other constraints by the Architect with regards to format of the

I do not see how refering to a specific portion of ACI 301 alters the
document.  Admittedly you should be sensitive to the fact that many of the
issues are addressed in several locations and that care should be taken to
make sure that you have not overlooked the impact of some of the provisions
not referenced.

Mark Gilligan

>What do you-all think of the second paragraph of the "Notice to users of
>301-96..." on the first page inside the cover:  

>"Users of ACI 301-96 are reminded that ACI 301 is intended to be used by
>reference or incorporation IN ITS ENTIRETY into the Project
Specifications. If
>references are made to individual sections and articles in ACI 301, they
>not be referred to as ACI 301 since the Standard Specification will have
>altered."  (emphasis added) 

>Ralph Hueston Kratz, S.E.
>Richmond CA