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RE: Advice on Filed Experience.

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Please forward this to all that believe a "masters degree" should be
for registration.  By definition, field experience can't be taught in the

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I have had the good fortune to be able to have field experience
my career.  There is a perception of the builders of our designs that we
(structural engineers) don't have a clue on how to put a project
Sadly these observations are often accurate.  There are those contractors
who don't have much patience with engineers, but they are the exception.

My advice is to go into the field, be open and honest and make a clear
request of the project superintendent(s).  If you want to learn how to
concrete efficiently, erect steel properly, place floor slabs, etc.; you
will have to talk to the subs who do this type of work.

I have held that you will get a hammer, saw, and nails in the process of
formal education, but upon graduation the real education starts.  That is
where you learn to use the tools.  Be patient.  You will talk to several
subcontractors before you find the "best" way of performing a particular
task.  Sometimes the subcontractors are not correct, sometimes
engineering practices are not correct.  It takes time to learn the fine

Good luck,
Harold Sprague
The Neenan Company

Francisco Duarte wrote:

> I would appreciate any respond
> I see that there are lots of people interested in the P.E. exam
> As a junior engineer myself, I am close to that point where I would be
> taking the exam.
> But there are other issues that concern me most at this point  in my
> career.  I have been working for almost two years and
> in such span of time I have been able to learned  three times as much
> what I had learned in school.  The only thing is that I hardly go out
> the field. My field experience is limited. Any suggestion on how to
> improve in such important area in my career.  For those Engineers that
> have field experience  or are working with a junior engineer , How do
> you provide growth to the Junior Engineer in field knowledge or how you
> obtained your experience? And for the Junior Engineers "E.I.T." How are
> you obtaining knowledge about construction methods and field
> For me, I have been asking my boss for years, but there is so much work
> that he does not have time to take me.  The other option is to go by
> myself to the field, which I am planning to do in the near future. The
> only problem is that I will be at the mercy of the contractors and
> alone, which means no supervision to guide me through the rights and
> wrongs in construction.
> I thank you all in advance for your opinions.
> Million thanks,
> Francisco Duarte, E.I.T.