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Re: baseplate analysis problem

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Perhaps you can try Risa Technologies' RISABASE.  It seems to be able to
analyse typical base plates or custom (beam not in the middle of the plate and
bolts scattered).  If you pay with a credit card, they may even be able to
email  you the file? It sells for $295 although apparently they are currently
having some king of special offer of RISAFOOT (concrete) and RISABASE for

Hope this helps,

ed gonzalez

>>> <Sibco6756(--nospam--at)> 02/11/99 11:07AM >>>

I have a problem where I must now check several baseplates that have misplaced
(off center) columns.  The columns have axial load and moments with anchor
bolts at the corners.  Checking by the hand methods has shown overstress in
bolts and the plate so I must need to do a more detailed check. ( The framing
has been built, so replacing or moving the baseplate will be difficult, I can,
however, drill in more anchor bolts )

The current software program I use for baseplate design will not do this
analysis - does anyone have suggestions on other methods or softwares that can
be used to solve problems of this type ? 

many thanks for any help that can be provided,