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RE: baseplate analysis problem

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Risa sells a baseplate design program that uses FEM and, I think, can handle
any configuration.

I believe that they are in area code 714. Check the SEAINT site for a link
to the Risa site.

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> Sent: Thursday, February 11, 1999 11:08 AM
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> Subject: baseplate analysis problem
> I have a problem where I must now check several baseplates
> that have misplaced
> (off center) columns.  The columns have axial load and
> moments with anchor
> bolts at the corners.  Checking by the hand methods has shown
> overstress in
> bolts and the plate so I must need to do a more detailed
> check. ( The framing
> has been built, so replacing or moving the baseplate will be
> difficult, I can,
> however, drill in more anchor bolts )
> The current software program I use for baseplate design will
> not do this
> analysis - does anyone have suggestions on other methods or
> softwares that can
> be used to solve problems of this type ?
> many thanks for any help that can be provided,
> -sib