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RE: Enercalc

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I have used Enercalc since the days it was a Lotus 1,2,3 add-in.  I find the
modules very useful for component design.  File management and printing
capability are much improved over the 4.xx series.  In addition, Michael
Brooks has been fairly prompt in instituting bug fixes.  I notified him of
one slight problem and the fix was available for download the next evening.
The release date for the update to the 97 UBC has been slipping however as
it originally was scheduled for last summer.

Henry David Kim
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> My observations about Enercalc were based on a version of the program
> that is several years old (we haven't updated for awhile).  I understand
> that the Windows version has been available since March of 1997. Perhaps
> someone with the most current version can give a more realistic
> evaluation of the present product.
> Jim Kestner, P.E.
> Green Bay, Wi.