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baseplate analysis problem -Reply

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Aw, shucks!

By golly, if you draw the FBD of the pressure the base plate exerts on the 
footing, and the tension in the bolt, and ignore what the material is 
(steel), by golly, it does --- it does --- it looks like the stress 
distribution in a reinforced concrete beam subjected to axial compression and 
moment.  Should be a snap to analyze using WSD principles (plane sections 
remain plane, stress is proportional to strain, etc.).

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

David Puskas wrote:

. > I would suggest drawing a Free Body diagram to analize the forces and
. > design from there.

in response to sib's post:

. > I have a problem where I must now check several baseplates that have 
. > misplaced (off center) columns. The columns have axial load and moments 
. > with anchor bolts at the corners. Checking by the hand methods has shown 
. > overstress in bolts and the plate so I must need to do a more detailed 
. > check. ( The framing has been built, so replacing or moving the baseplate 
. > will be difficult, I can, however, drill in more anchor bolts )
. > 
. > The current software program I use for baseplate design will not do this
. > analysis - does anyone have suggestions on other methods or softwares 
. > that can be used to solve problems of this type ? 
. > 
. > many thanks for any help that can be provided,
. > 
. > -sib