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Edge Distance for Steel Plate

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A design build contractor called me today with a lot of frustration in his voice.  He has fabricated 84 anchor plates 2" thk x 12" wide x 36" long with a 1-1/2" dia hole at each end (in the center of the 12" side).  The edge distance of the hole is less than AISC minimums (1-1/2" vs 2-1/2").

A #11 dwiydag rod goes through the hole with a working load of 41 kips.  A nut is fastened to the rod on each side of the plate. 

The plates are on-site and ready to be installed.  He's looking at a horrendous cost (from his perspective) of $12,000 to replace the plates plus delay of job.

In trying to resolve the problem, I have the following:

The force in the line of edge distance is zero.

The punching shear stress around one-half the perimeter (ignoring the outside circumference on the edge side) is 6.8 ksi (A36 steel).

This ignores any moment transfer into the rod and eccentric shear effects.  The rod is very flexible in relation to the plate so ignoring the moment seems reasonable. (which may not be valid).

How would you resolve this problem?  (Other than replacing the plates).

Brad Friederichs
VE Solutions, Inc.
Rancho Cordova, CA, USA