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Re: Visual Analysis/Visual Design + ENERCALC vs. STRUCT.etc.

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The IES(Integrated Engineering Software) web site address is:
My office uses Visual Analysis and Visual Design.  I have been quite satisfied
with the program.  As with all software, there are always limitations to what
you can do.
Input of member loads is a pain because you have to generate each uniform
and/or point load seperately.  Generating the structural model is great.
Output format is not the greatest: form feed, page numbers...etc.  You have to
work around in a word processing program to get the report formatted right.
This should be in the analysis software.  They may have fixed this in the
recent upgrade.

I would not compare STADD/PRO directly to Visual Analysis/Design.  Visual
Analysis is much easier to work with and the technical support is 10  times
more responsive.  Comparing STAADIII to Visual Analysis is appropriate.
STAAD/PRO is a full design system that includes CADD drafting overlay with
"seamless" design that allows you to layout, design analize and produce
construction documents from one system.  Sounds great and I think thats where
the future is .... but we're NOT there YET!   
Now if only the software could build it.....

Good Luck

Tom Jakaby, SE
Jakaby Engineering
San Jose, CA