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Re: Advice on Field Experience.

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There is no substitute for good field experience.  Field experience should be
a part of every engineer's career.  Early in a young engineer's carreer the
"boss" or senior staff should take the engineer to the field regularly!  There
is no excuse for not doing this.  At least the young engineer should be made
aware of local projects that could be visited.  This could easily be arranged
with the owner or builder.  

I have made a regular practice of taking my staff to the field.  This is how
we learn. This is where we can see how the design is assembled, what works and
sometimes what does not.   This creartes confidence and provides the
opportunity to reevaluate our work.

There used to be a building  inspector named Tom White, SanCarlos ( I think
he's in the Sacramento area now )  He would say " They ought to make them(
Architects & Engineers) wear bags for FIVE years at least before they go back
to the office". Meaning that we should alll know what it is actually like to
build our designs.  I know this is extreme, but I think it illustrates the

Tom Jakaby, SE
Jakaby Engineering
San Jose, CA