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Re: Turning over and moving a 2-story Pump House

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Thanks for the tip.  I moved my own Garage and attached Workshop 15' and
added a new foundation, so I have some experience.  Was also the architect
for the moving of a three story victorian that was on the national register.
Also enjoy watching and salvaging at old building demolitions and notice
they don't always come down as easily as expected by (respectfully)
conservative engineers.

You and I both know cartoons and hollywood films are carefully staged and
that we should be careful about trying to learn too much from them.

Gary   :-{)}
Gary M. Wheeler, AIA, Architect
American Architecture Service.  Try our Portal at

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Date: Friday, February 12, 1999 12:11 PM
Subject: Re: Turning over and moving a 2-story Pump House

>>I am moving a 2-story 10x10 pumphouse 6 miles into town and want to set it
>>up in town (Modesto, CA) as a storage and possibly guest bedroom if

>>...The problem is how to slow its descent when I pull it over without
using a
>>fancy crane. ...

> I belong to "Sons of the
>Desert", an organization which meets for the purpose of watching Laurel and
>Hardy films. We see the downfall of well-planned projects like this with
>bi-monthly regularity. There are too many sources of unintended failure
>shown in those films to offer here, but I do suggest having the operation
>competently videotaped.