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Re: baseplate analysis problem - Thanks for the help

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thanks to all those who gave answers to my question.

I should have been more clear in that there are moments about both directions
- so I am not sure how to easily solve this problem by hand using statics. ( I
realize that one could write the equations, but solving for the variables in
practice seems to be very difficult )  Does the guide proposed by Mr. Charlie
Carter of the AISC address the case of moments about both direction ?  My
anchor bolts will not be symmetrical and I will likely have to add more. - I
was looking for an accurate way to get the anchor forces.

Mr. Chris Towne asked if I can add vertical stiffeners and the answer is yes.
What do you have in mind for the stiffeners ?  I know they will help
distribute the load to the plate, but will this help my anchor bolts ?

I am sorry Roger Turk make a joke at my expense, I am not unfamiliar with the
hand methods, but in this case it seemed that a computer solution would be
faster and more accurate.  I was hoping to use a rational solution method that
would let me avoid having to assume an infinitely rigid plate.  ( If the plate
can be treated to bend a little, the anchor forces should go down also ).

thanks again to all,