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RE: baseplate analysis problem

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Perhaps you can weld some stiffeners to spread the load out from the column
to the holes and take some stress off the plate.  Furthermore, if you can
stitch up bits of plate and enlarge the base plate, and then stiffen it up,
the stress in the bolts is reduced because the load on the bolt depends on
the moment arm which goes from centerline of bolt (tension) to extreme fibre
of plate (compression).

If the plate were the only problem, you could use a more sophisticated
analysis method.  Using plastic analysis or yield line theory for plate
bending you get a decent reduction in plate thickness.


Maria I. Falconi
Guayaquil, Ecuador

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Fecha: Jueves 11 de Febrero de 1999 01:13 PM
Asunto: baseplate analysis problem

>I have a problem where I must now check several baseplates that have
>(off center) columns.  The columns have axial load and moments with anchor
>bolts at the corners.  Checking by the hand methods has shown overstress in
>bolts and the plate so I must need to do a more detailed check. ( The
>has been built, so replacing or moving the baseplate will be difficult, I
>however, drill in more anchor bolts )
>The current software program I use for baseplate design will not do this
>analysis - does anyone have suggestions on other methods or softwares that
>be used to solve problems of this type ?
>many thanks for any help that can be provided,