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RE: AISC Seminar/ Does the Client really want a cheaper steel frame?

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I was seated here reading your post as the brochure from AISC was placed
into my hands. My comments are not as detailed as yours with which I largely

I think that it is important to let go of what our clients dislike about us
if we are doing the right thing. I spent too many years trying to please
architects, contractors and owners. When I stopped trying that and instead
tried to serve their best interests (from my perspective) I regained some
self-respect. I simply don't spend time justifying my designs. If the
architect or contractor are critical of me it simply doesn't bother me
anymore, usually!<G>

This is not to say that I quibble about the inconsequential, the domain of
some of our architectural brethern. It is, imho, better to save the fights
for the really important stuff. (Like when I get paid!)

It is also my experience that steel is not bid by the general but by the
erector who has a better understanding of the process. We routinely work
with steel erectors to economize larger jobs based on their specific quirks.
For every bid job, there is at least one contractor who can do it cheaper.

Mark E. Deardorff, SE, President
Deardorff & Deardorff, Inc.