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Re: Bolts on Bells

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Spot welding on a fairly heavy casting doesn't sound like too good of an
idea.  Why not use through bolts again and double nut, peen the threads, or
use "Lock-Tight" of similar material to keep them from loosening.

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From: Alex C. Nacionales <alexcnac(--nospam--at)>
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Date: Monday, February 15, 1999 5:28 AM
Subject: Bolts on Bells

>I am reconstructing the concrete counterweights of several old church
>bells.The largest is about 39" high.The original bells were attached to the
>concrete counterweights by 4-20mm steel bolts that passes through the top
>the bells through the concrete counterweight and fastened by nuts on top on
>the counterweight. The bolts are encased in steel pipes inside the
>I am planning to replace the bolts with stainless steel bolts with metal
>spikes for anchorage and spot weld the bolts to top of the bells to ensure
>it will not loosen during pouring of concrete.The bolts will be cast
>directly with the concrete counterweights.
>In the old design,the bolts can be tightened after casting the counter
>weights which may or may not have an effect on the acoustics of the
>bells.Its also possible the bolts will loosen in the future.
>I would appreciate your opinions regarding this, specially those that have
>done similar work.
>Thanks in advance.
>Alex C. Nacionales, C.E.
>Iloilo City, Philippines