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Re: Re[2]: AISC Seminar/ Does the Client

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Thanks for inviting suggestions for increasing attendance at the AISC 
seminars.  This suggestion is from Arizona, not California, but the 
suggestion is universal.

The costs of AISC seminars are too high!  I don't have the announcement at 
hand (I threw them out when I saw the cost), but as I remember, it was about 
$200.  That is much too high! (Particularly for engineers in private 
practice.)  Maybe if I could get the fee for structural design per ton of 
steel that had been quoted in a recent post that preparers of shop drawings 
get, .... .

Just think, if you charged $50 for the seminar and one engineer changed a 
building from concrete to steel because of the seminar, you would have made 
up the difference in cost for everyone who attended the seminar.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Lanny J. Flynn wrote:

. > Rick,
. > 
. > We considered Southern California for this years program but do to the 
. > much lower than expected turnout for the last few programs, and since this
. > program had very little high seismic information in it, we decided not to
. > bring it to Southern California.
. > 
. > It's our understanding from conversations with several designers in 
. > Southern California, unless the topic is high seismic steel design and
. > detailing related there wouldn't be much interest.
. > 
. > We feel that in the LA area an audience of about 150 to 200 should be
. > achieved but in past years we had about 70.  Any suggestions are
. > appreciated.
. > 
. > By the way we started an AISC Professional Members Committee in LA which
. > meets once a month.  We have been working on a booklet presenting
. > information on Special Concentric Braced Frame connection Design.  If your
. > interested in attending the meetings please email me your address, phone 
. > and fax numbers.
. > 
. > Lanny J. Flynn, S.E.
. > AISC Marketing, Inc.
. > flynn(--nospam--at)
. >