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Re: Excel Question

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In cell B1, enter the formula "=A1" and in cell B2 enter formula "=A3".
Highlight both cells B1 and B2. Select copy from "Edit" menu.  Highlight
B3, B4 etc as far as you want to go and select paste from "Edit" menu.


Sleiman Serhal wrote:

> Hello everybody,
> I'm trying to work out something in Excel but it ain't working so maybe
> someone
> out there can help:
> I want to fill down a column, let's say column B, and have it fill down
> as
> follows
> B1 = A(1)
> B2 = A(3)
> B3 = A(5)
> B4 = A(7)
> etc...
> So I want the fill down in B to pick up the cells at column A in
> increments of
> 2 !
> Thanks in advance,
> Moni Serhal