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RE: Excel Question

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I have two equations that will work.  If you always start at row 1 (i.e.
B1=A1), then use this simplified formula: B1=offset(A1,row(A1)-1,0), and
copy the formula down.  A more generic formula, works for situation like
(B2=A2, B3=A4...) is: B1=offset($A$1,(row(b1)-row($b$1))*2,0).

Hope this help.


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Subject: Excel Question

Hello everybody,

I'm trying to work out something in Excel but it ain't working so maybe
out there can help:

I want to fill down a column, let's say column B, and have it fill down
B1 = A(1)
B2 = A(3)
B3 = A(5)
B4 = A(7)

So I want the fill down in B to pick up the cells at column A in
increments of
2 !

Thanks in advance,
Moni Serhal