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Simpson wall anchors

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We have a project governed by the 1994 UBC (no special requirements such
as the City of LA has) where we are tying 8" and 12" concrete block
walls to wood floors.  We are using TJI floor joists.  The Simpson
catalog shows in their "picture" of the "MPAI" anchors that the strap is
applied directly to the top of the joist, under the plywood.  They call
for the use of 1-1/2" long nails.  We do not want to put the straps
directly on the joist.  We want to put the strap over the plywood.  If
the strap is placed directly on the joist, the plywood cannot be edge
Depending on the thickness of the plywood, the 1-1/2" long nails will
have different penetration into the TJI.  Is that a problem?  Do you
just consider that the plywood and joist are tied together and
essentially form a composite, or do you use longer nails?  If you use
longer nails, does anyone know how big the holes are in the straps. 
Usually, longer nails mean a larger diameter nail and we want to make
sure the nail will fit in the hole.