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Re: Excel Question

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"Serroels, Chris/SAC" wrote:

> One more option:
> But before I describe it (yes, there's a catch) - Doesn't anyone have any
> thoughts on
> my question yesterday regarding what constitutes "threads excluded" for a
> high strength bolt.
> 1)  Column B Row 1, "x=A1" (doesn't have to be x, just any character which
> makes
> Excel recognize this cell as text, not an equation)
> 2)  Column B Row 2, "x=A3"
> 3) Highlight both cells and then drag bottom of highlighted box
> 4) Excel automatically fills in "x=A5", "x=A7", ... in following Column B
> cells
> 5) Now perform a search and replace, replacing "x=" with "=".  This will
> convert all
> Column B cells to equations.

Sorry I can't help with your bolt question, but thanks to the Excel answer,
it's quite imaginative, and thanks to all those who helped.

Moni Serhal