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RE: New Steel to Existing Concrete

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Have you tried a rebar detector?  
Bill Cain, SE
Oakland, CA

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	Subject:	New Steel to Existing Concrete

	every time we try to connect new steel beams to existing
concrete columns or beam, the driller will hit rebar despite all
detailing and layout efforts to the contrary.  obviously, upon hitting
rebar, the contractor calls for guidance, we attempt to determine
adequacy of the member with interupted reinforcing, etc. etc.

	anyone have better solution to this age old delema ? short of
don't connect new steel to old concrete ? 

	am i missing something so obvious it is slapping me in the face?

	can i prevent the phone calls next time ? or am i forced to
accept this as a universal constant ? 

	thanks in advance for any thoughts . . . 

	robert d. rollo, PE 
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