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RE: Clay/brick smokestacks

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I have a copy of an 8 page set of technical notes published in July of 1964
by the Structural Clay Products Institute titled "Design and Construction of
Chimneys, Part II' [covering industrial chimneys].  The worked example is
for a 10' x 10' base x 80' high chimney.  I don't know if this Institute
still exists or not (it was headquartered in Atlanta in 1964); but if you
can't find anything similar and would like a copy send me your fax number
privately and I'll try to send you one.

Ed Marshall, PE

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> We are conducting a study of an 115' smokestack constructed in the
> sixties, I
> am looking for a possible source name or other information for what is
> either
> brick or clay blocks that have an exposed face of 5" by 7" by various
> depths
> to form a 16" wall and a 12" wall. The "bricks" have holes making them
> hollow
> or semi-solid.
> The base diameter is 10.5' and by calculation seems over stressed due to
> tension, so I am hoping the original material has better properties than
> those
> assumed(guessed at) so far.
> Thanks, 
> Jeff