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Re: Clay/brick smokestacks

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The reference I have advises against ANY tension and the equ. for tensile
unit stress in psi is   (Ws+Wl+Wf)/(113*Df^2) - Mf/(170*Df^3) where
Ws=(150*h/3)*(A+sqr(A*At)+At).... A=net area of base in ft^2,
At=net area of top in ft^2, h=ht. in ft.,....Wl=Weight of lining which would
be the interior wythe and Wf=weight of foundation, Df=dia. of foundation
base in feet and Mf=overturning moment at base(wind)=
2*Pw*H^2(D+2Dt) + 6PwH*(height of found.)*(D+Dt) where H=height above
foundation and Pw=wind pressure.
     If equ. at top is < 0.0 then there is tension.

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Subject: Re: Clay/brick smokestacks

>We are conducting a study of an 115' smokestack constructed in the sixties,
>am looking for a possible source name or other information for what is
>brick or clay blocks that have an exposed face of 5" by 7" by various
>to form a 16" wall and a 12" wall. The "bricks" have holes making them
>or semi-solid.
>The base diameter is 10.5' and by calculation seems over stressed due to
>tension, so I am hoping the original material has better properties than
>assumed(guessed at) so far.