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RE: Floor Loads selection

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I assume the first floor is over a crawlspace or basement, if so I would
probably use 100 psf for the first floor multi-purpose room area.  This
would be consistent with UBC Table 16-A requirements for assembly areas
without fixed seating.  If the second floor is actually devoted to classroom
you could use 40 psf (1000# concentrated load) however to give more
flexibility for future conversion, I would probably design for "office"
useage of 50 psf w/ 2000# concentrated load.

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> Hello everyone!
> I am working on a 2-story building for a chuch. The lower floor is a
> multi-purpose room, the second floor is for classrooms. My question is
> what live
> load to use. Table 16 of the UBC does not address church buildings so I am
> leaning towards commercial. But maybe classroom would also apply, but
> since this
> is Group A-2.1 or A-3 but not a Group E structure I am not sure.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks
> Ken Reed, PE