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Re[2]: [StrucTX] S-O-G C.J. with STRIP FOOTING

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I think that this is possible for a thickened edge slab, meaning thinner than the 850mm. My concern is both time and the settlement.

It can be done but the isolated slab and strip footing will be faster to execute. I am talking here of hundreds of structures that will incorporate the detail.

If a construction joint is present or not, and a heavy traffic or adverse load is applied very near the interface, won't this induced settlement because of different rigidities of the slab and the footing? 

And yes, spalling of the soil is a concern because of the depth.


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Subject: RE: [StrucTX] S-O-G C.J. with STRIP FOOTING
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Nevertheless, this is a very common detail.

> In my openion you should do it seperately . Otherwise you will get > cracks in concrete due to differential settlements. their > might be heavy > load on strip footing and it settles more then slab on grade.I will > never recommend to have both cast together.

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