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Re: Re: Floor Loads selection

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seaint(--nospam--at),Internet writes:
I am working on a 2-story building for a chuch. The lower floor is a
multi-purpose room, the second floor is for classrooms. My question is what
load to use. Table 16 of the UBC does not address church buildings so I am
leaning towards commercial. But maybe classroom would also apply, but since
is Group A-2.1 or A-3 but not a Group E structure I am not sure.

Here is how I typically approach this situation.  Strictly speaking, you
could have 40 PSF live load for the classroom, then you must add 20 PSF for
partitions.  If the area might be converted in the future to office space you
should then consider at least 50 PSF live load, with the 20 PSF partitions. 
But then you have to consider corridors which are 80 PSF, but do not have to
include partition loads (this may be more personal opinion since some codes
state loads above 80 PSF do not need partitions).  If economy is not
absolutely critical, I would suggest designing the whole floor for 80 PSF
live load, without any additional partitions load, so that it does not matter
what happens in the future, as long as it does not turn into assembly of 100
PSF.  If there was any potential of it being as an assembly in the future,
then obviously it would be cheaper to design it now for 100 PSF, with no
partition loading.  If you absolutely must save every penny, and what Owner
doesn't want to, then the 40 PSF with partition loads may be used, in
conjunction with the corridor loads.