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Re:Earth Dams

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At 09:35 ?ß?ã 99/02/17 -0800, you wrote:
>The keystone paper for this subject is Makdisi and Seed's "Simplified
>for Estimating Dam and Embankment Earthquake-Induced Deformations"
published in
>the ASCE Geotechnical Journal July 1978 (Vol. 104, GT7, pp. 849-867).  It is
>also reproduced in Volume I of the H. Bolton Seed Selected Papers (BiTech,
>a must for all geotechnical engineers).  Seed's analysis of San Fernando
Dam is
>also important reading (ASCE Geotechnical Journal July 1975).  ((It is
true that
>I have a UCB prejudice.))
>Tom Benson at Lowney Associates, Pasadena, CA
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>Subject:    Earth Dams 
>Author: <seaint(--nospam--at)>
>Date:       2/17/99 7:52 PM
>Can anyone recommend a good reference on seismic analysis for earth dams?
>Any leads would be appreciated.
>Paul Feather  P.E.
>San Diego, California
Dear Paul

In addition to lots of papers, you may have a look at the following old
texts! Sorry that i don't have any up-dated info for the time being, but
you can search it in or elswhere. For papers you can try surfing
EERI or NISEE abstracts. Just keep in mind that when you are analyzing your
model, earthquake input should be carefully selected on the basis of not
only site-specific but also dam characteristic. 

.1. Earth and rockfill dam engineering : published under the auspices of
the Water Resources Development Training Centre, University of Roorkee,
     India / by Goerge F. Sowers and H.L. Sally. -- Asia Publishing House,
     1962. -- (University of Roorkee series ; no. 101)

  2. Embankment dam engineering : Casagrande volume / Editors: Ronald C. Hi
    rschfeld and Steve J. Poulos. Including papers by George E. Bertram [a
    nd others]. -- Wiley, 1973

Good Luck,
A. Bakhshi

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