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>Subject:    Earth Dams 
>Author: <seaint(--nospam--at)>
>Date:       2/17/99 7:52 PM
>Can anyone recommend a good reference on seismic analysis for earth dams?
>Any leads would be appreciated.
>Paul Feather  P.E.
>San Diego, California
Dear Paul

I forgot to include the following source. I think this can be a good start.

Seismic design of embankments and caverns : proceedings of a symposium
 / sponsored by the ASCE Geotechnical Engineering Division in conjunct
ion with the ASCE National Convention, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, May
 16-20, 1983 ; Terry R. Howard, editor. -- (BA24962812)
  New York, N.Y. : American Society of Civil Engineers, c1983
  v, 201 p. ; 22 cm -- : pbk
  CW: Some considerations in the selection of design earthquakes for c
  ritical structures / D. Ostenaa and L. Frei ; Necessary and sufficie
  nt conditions for strong motion parameters / B. Bolt ; Reservoir-in-
  duced macroearthquakes, a reassessment / R. Meade ; Earthquake-resis
  tant design of earth dams / H.B. Seed ; Seismic design, analysis, an
  d remedial measures to improve stability of existing earth dams, Cor
  ps of Engineers approach / W. Marcuson III and A. Franklin ; Seismic
   design analysis of embankment dams, recent Bureau of Reclamation ex
  perience / J. Smart and L. Von Thun ; California's seismic reeveluat
  ion of embankment dams / D. Babbitt, W. Bennett, and R. Hart ; Estim
  ated ground motions for small near-by earthquakes / A. McGarr ; Dama
  ge mechanisms in tunnels subjected to explosive loads / D. Labreche 
  ; Earthquake response of caverns in jointed rock, effects of frequen
  cy and jointing / C. Dowding, C. Ho, and T. Belytschko ; Dynamic and
   static design considerations for underground chambers / A. Hendron,
   Jr., and G. Fernandez
  NOTE: *** Includes bibliographies and indexes
  AL: Howard, Terry R. ; American Society of Civil Engineers. Geotechn
  ical Engineering Division ; ASCE National Convention

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