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Old Timers - 18B35 section properties

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I hobbled over to my bookshelf, put on my spectacles and came up with a 
Bethlehem shapes catalog, 1967 Edition.  Now, if I can keep my strength up 
long enough to permit me to complete this message, here is the information:


Area           10.30 in^2
depth          17.71 in
Flange Width    6.0  in
   Thick         .429 in
Web Thick        .298 in
d/A(f)          6.88
I(xx)          512.3  in^4
S(xx)           57.9  in^3
r(xx)            7.05 in
I(yy)           15.4  in^4
S(yy)            5.12 in^3
r(yy)            1.22

Gasp! Gasp! Now, where is that Geritol?

What am I doing, anyway?

I once had a photographic memory, but now I am out of film.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Glenn Otto wrote:

. > I have a beam designated on some plans from 1966 as "18B35".  My AISC 6th
. > Edition only goes up to 16" light(weight) beams.  Do any of you old timers
. > have some Bethlehem, USS, Carnegie, etc. steel books that contain that 
. > size? I would appreciate if someone could supply the section properties 
. > (A, I, S ). Thanks in advance.
. >  
. >