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Re: Non-shrink Grout

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What you are missing is that column base plates are set on leveling nuts
attached to anchor bolts. If the grout shrinks by 1/16", according to your
example, then the load will be carried by the anchor bolts. It gets worse if
you have a relatively smaller column with a relatively larger base plate. The
base plate will tend to bend between its supports-the anchor bolts. If you
check the stresses you may end up with much larger bending stresses than what
it was designed for. Of course, the anchor bolts may not be able to carry the

Non-shrink grout essentially bonds to the concrete surface and the insert. If
you use regular grout and it shrinks, then the problem will be the bond
between the concrete and the grout, and not the bond between the grout and the
rebar. The grouts that you mentioned are essentially non-shrink grouts.


Oshin Tosounian, S.E.