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Re: Using shoring as structural member

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Bruce Resnick wrote:

>We use your idea in concept all the time, but we use poured in place concrete
>shoring piles instead of steel piles.  I don't like the steel because I'm
>afraid it can rust out over time, and I don't like the idea that the studs are
>in tension.  Also, I worry about the direction of the load from the soil in
>regards to the orientation of the steel pile since the steel's capacity is
>drastically different in diferrent directions.
>Instead we use concrete piles with "break-out" dowels on the face which are
>bent down into the shotcrete wall after the pile is excavated.  Assuming your
>soil is fairly decent, and you space your piles reasonably close together (8'
>or so), typically no lagging is required.  But check with the soils engineer
>on this.  Also, in regards to your waterproofing, we usually specify a
>"Miradrain" behind the wall, but nothing behind the pile obviously.  We
>provide a "T" for the french drain between each pile.
>We have used this system on walls 30' tall or so on steep hills with very good

The poured in place concrete shoring piles sound like a neat idea, but
if they are behind the shotcrete, won't they be under tension as well?

In your wall design above, is the back of the shotcrete wall flush
with the front of the piles?  If so, what surface do you normally use
to shoot against, if no lagging is used?