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RE: Old Timers - '61 VW properties & E.Q.

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A while back, you wrote:

>The good part about there being no gas gauge in the ['61 Volkswagen] bug is
>it was always easy to push!
>     Monte Griffiths, S.E.

Right. And on Pirelli radials it was almost effortless.  I used my '61 bug
with this virtue to measure the north-south component of displacement and
period of the 1968 Borrego Springs earthquake.

The site was ten miles west of El Centro CA, at the Naval Air Facility, and
about 50 miles south of the epicenter of this late afternoon 6.5 event. 

The car was on a level, smooth concrete pavement, out of gear and with the
brakes off. I was sitting on the pavement on the left side, just behind the
rear wheel, adjusting valves on that side of the engine. Suddenly the car
began rolling back and forth. I put my right hand on the rear bumper and
stayed seated on the pavement, as the car moved through 6 or 8 cycles. The
displacement was about 18 inches and the period about two seconds. 

This car gave me a nice hands-on, seat-of-the-pants experience in seismic
measurements after college and before I got into structural design practice.
I still have the car. 

Charles O. Greenlaw, SE   Sacramento CA