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Re: Stresses at Shell Attachments

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Christopher Wright wrote:

..... Just the manual arithmetic to analyze external loading always cost me a day or two and a splitting headache. I can do a better job today in an afternoon, and it's a helluva lot easier to explain to an AI. BTW, by 'clip' do you mean a lifting lug or a specific nozzle detail like a doubler plate or perhaps a weld saddle?
I have developed spreadsheets for taking away the labor of number crunching, so lack of FEM etc. does not seem to be a disadvantage. By a clip, I mean a plate such as 1"X10" (with appropriate curvatures at the upper and the lower ends of it) welded directly on the vessel as a part of supports for pipes, platforms etc.
...........for a while, your question seems a little like a request to modify an existing vessel.
In a manner of speaking you are correct.  The vessel has been fabricated and is being erected. The client just remembered that supports are required for couple of pipes and called on me to design the supports.  My design will, however, be reviewed by the vessel vendor's (Code shop) certified engineer.

Thanks for your thoughts.