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Re: tall cylindrical pressure vessels

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>Does anyone have  the source for the current state of the art structural
>design, software or publications, for tall steel cylindrical pressure vessels
>in high wind (hurricane force) areas?
The pressure vessel has to follow ASME Code rules, so that's the state of 
the art. One of the Code provisions is that account must be taken of the 
supplemental loads in UG-22 which includes wind. There is at least one 
example of such loading in Appendix L. If I weren't sure what wind 
loading to use, I'd go check API 605 (650?) for load provisions only. 
After that I'd see how API 605 compares to published aerodymanic data for 
cylinders in crossflow, just to make sure I understood the physics, and 
make sure that vortex sheding isn't a problem.

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