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Re: Old Concrete Design

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As a reluctant "oldtimer" I can remember detailing bent bars in the mid 70's.
It was an elegant use of material but with labor being more costly then rebar
it was abondoned.

You also need to know that the old standards were to run the top bars only in
teh first 25% of the span, not 33% as is done now.  If you check it using USD
instead of WSD you may end up with some cracking parralel to the beams at the
quarter point.

While I'm reminiscing, I was in the first class at UT Austin that learned USD
(from the appendix of the Ferguson WSD text that was in use).  When I got my
first job I had to go back and learn WSD since practicing engineers weren't
using it yet.  In the long run it was good for me though since there was no
seaint list to go to when in need of help. ( We were happy to have a
calculator back then).