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Re: Paper Submitted to 1998 SEAOC Convention

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Hi Ms. Fuss, Mr. Greg Smith,  and Mr.Chris Serroels:

    Thanks you and may fellow engineers who are interest to read the paper I
have submitted to SEAOC Convension last year.  With the demands on our
profession get higher we should working together to work smarter.  And I
have found that the software engineers has aquaired many new
technologies which should also be looking into by us once in a while.

    If you care to take a look of what I submitted to the SEAOC
Convention, it is stored on the web site
"";.  It is the third
title "Seaoc98c.pdf."  If you hate typing like I do, go to one of you
search engine on your borwoser like Lycos and search for the name
'stlshape'.  The paper is in Adobe's pdf format which will
automatically load a reader if you don't alread have it.  Let me know
what you think about it.   There are three more files you may want
to download in case you would like to see some source codes.
(If Mr. Shafat Qazi Ok, I may be able to post it in the SEAINT's library.)

    By the way, if you are not currently using C++ now please do not
investing in a C++ compiler.  Check out the JAVA by Sun Microsystem.  It
is easier than C++, It is also platform free--you can do it on the
Apple's Macintosh if you want to.  It is totally object-oriented.  And
it is free!!!!  (You will find out why Bill Gate has so much concern about
this thing call JAVA and he even tried to hijack it with his own tool called

    The header file concept in C++ is further refined into the packages
in the JAVA language which make the reuse of existing program even

    For those who have problem to access my site, please send me a
e-mail so I can mail it to you.

    Looking forward to you inputs and comments!


Szuchuan Chang, PE

Joyce Fuss wrote:

> Szuchuan, your paper is of interest to me, and I would think to other
> SE's as well.  Why not submit it for this year's convention?
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> From: Szuchuan Chang
> Sent: Saturday, February 20, 1999 10:52 AM
> To: Joyce; seaint
> Original Subject:
>     I have found out that not all of the accepted papers will be published.
> Last year, I took a lot of time to write a paper called "Building Common
> Object
> Oriented Design Tools for Structural Engineers."  It was about using
> computer
> programs and writing software for structural engineers. This could have had
> a
> lot of impact to our field.  The convention committee accepted it as a
> poster
> board presentation.  I was not able to present my poster board because I
> had an
> examination that day. When the convention proceeding arrived on January, I
> was
> very surprised to find out my paper and some other papers were omitted in
> the
> proceeding.
>     Therefore, if you would like to see your paper be published, take the
> time to find out if it is necessary to attend the convention.  Papers that
> are
> submitted by an individual may risk higher chance of not been seen by the
> non-convension goer.
> Szuchuan Chang, SE