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RE: History of conventional wood framing- update

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Yep,  a higher standard of damage control housing construction may be a good

BUT, the benefit/cost and probability of occurrences of such damaging
earthquakes does not produce favourable outcomes.  To get $$$ benefit there
needs to be casualties costs and significant loss of function costs.   This
is not true for wood frame housing construction, providing that basic
design/construction details are attended to.

A government directed housing insurance scheme addresses the catastrophe
cost problem in New Zealand, where insured properties throughout the land
share the risk. There is 90% insurance coverage, and only part of the
country is expected to suffer damaging earthquake within certain time

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> Subject: RE: History of conventional wood framing- update
> Houses that strictly comply with the conventional construction provisions
> of the UBC have historically afforded their occupants with life safety.
> However, it is estimated that 75% of the over $12.5 billion in insured
> losses in the Northridge EQ occurred in residential construction.  Taking
> out the apartment complexes constructed over parking that leaves a
> tremendous amount of cracked gypsum board and stucco in low rise houses.
> Since these structures comprise the primary residence and single largest
> financial investment for a large portion of our population, perhaps it is
> appropriate to design them for a higher performance level.
> Janiele Maffei