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Re: ASCII Character

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>You may want to check the ascii definitions that your printer is using.  I
>have had cases where the ascii definitions works fine (such as for degrees -
>character 248) for printing to the monitor, but the same ascii character
>prints differently when sent to the printer (printed as character 171 = 1/2)

This is because many printers do not use the ASCII extended characters
(characters greater than 127). The older printers (dot matrix) used the
ASCII extended set as do the Canon Bubblejets (where the degree symbol is
248) while most of the laser printers including Canon and HP laserjets and
the HP inkjet printers use the Roman8 symbol set by default (where the
degree symbol is 179). Most have other symbol sets available if you want to
select them. The printer reference manuals normally list the symbol sets

In programs like Word, there is a symbol set which can be used for this
type of symbol which is accessed from the Insert - Symbol item on the Menu.
Outside of that you would have to look at the printer manual to determine
which character actually prints as a degree symbol for that printer.

>Michael Cochran

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