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RE: Re: Dilbert's Theorem

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Well stated!

Bob Germaine

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> seaint(--nospam--at),Internet writes:
> >"The capacity to accumulate wealth is inversely proportional to one's
> >sense of compassion and integrity."
> I'm a liberal Democrat and proud of it, but Lazootin is way off base. 
> First, poverty doesn't confer compassion and integrity--lots of people 
> without compassion and integrity never had a dime to show for it. And 
> there are plenty of people who are compassionate and trustworthy and also 
> rich--I even know a few. 
> Mr. Wright,
> I'm not going to let you get away with what you infer here, that only
> liberal
> Democrats are compassionate and have integrity.  These characteristics
> have
> nothing to do with politics.  Both Republicans and Democrats can show
> these
> characteristics.  I am glad you have them.  But it has nothing to do with
> being a liberal Democrat.  I also have them and I'm a conservative
> Republican.  Both parties also have uncompassionate and men with poor
> character.  It is not a liberal or conservative thing.
> Rich Lewis