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Bar joist in 1953

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Hi, Fellows:

Pls help me solve this puzzle regarding designation of bar joist in
1953. TKS in advance.

I have a metal roof designed in 1953 wsith designation of bar joist as
"#146 bar joist 4'-0" c/c...." and #125 bar joist at 4'-0" c/c..." for
26'-0" span and 18'-0" span respectively. 

I checked with SJI for the explanation of "#146" and "#125". I was
told this is non-standard call-out that did not follow industry
standard thus SJI's 60 year manual (1928 - 1988) does not cover it.
The manufacturer of the bar joistand the original designer appears to
have used its own way of designation.

I check with Vulcraft and I was told it is not its product and
designation appears to be non-standard.

SJI suggest to check with building owner, City of Baltimore to verify
from original document.

Any suggestions other than measuring top and bottom chords?

Steve Bian, PE 


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