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Re: Bar joist in 1953

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> Hi, Fellows:
> Pls help me solve this puzzle regarding designation of bar joist in
> 1953. TKS in advance.
> I have a metal roof designed in 1953 wsith designation of bar joist as
> "#146 bar joist 4'-0" c/c...." and #125 bar joist at 4'-0" c/c..." for
> 26'-0" span and 18'-0" span respectively.
> I checked with SJI for the explanation of "#146" and "#125". I was
> told this is non-standard call-out that did not follow industry
> standard thus SJI's 60 year manual (1928 - 1988) does not cover it.

If the top and possibly the bottom chord look like the greek character
omega with returns on the ends, it could be a Macomber product.  Are the
joists 14" deep for the #146 and 12" deep for #125?

If the joists sound like this description fits them, let me know and I
will check further into the catalog.

Patrick Rodgers